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my new best friend! chicken wire.

so fun…

Our new project for foundations, our final for the semester!!! yay!! is to build a wearable sculpture out of linear material.

After researching how and what to make I decided on my old favorite… hands. I love them, im a bit obsessed. I enjoy drawing them and painting them and now I have the opportunity to sculpt them. I was unsuccessful at cold connections and I am terrified of hot connections so I will be using chicken wire, and mold them instead. I want to play up the masculine and feminine sides of hands. I like the idea of playing up the male and female side, and use separate material for both, so you can tell the difference between the two. I will use rice paper, or very sheer linen to cover them, but still being able to see the under workings of the wire. I will then paint details on the fabric or paper, adding lines and fingernails, fingerprints, and folds. I like to be more technical and realistic as opposed to gestural, so my goal is to make these sculptures as realistic as possible. After a few days of worrying about school and money and almost deciding on quitting art school.. I have decided that its something I need to do for myself and to give it 100% of my attention and do it well. So I am now more then ever determined to do my best and see what I can accomplish.

Friday Favorite Things








Cloud Art



I like it, cloud art is cute

Bed Nook




I have always wanted my bed in a nook, in hopes of getting a new apartment soon all I can ask for is that it has a nook so I can put my bed or something comfy in it. I would spend hours in there.

Foundations Cardboard Project

Progress on my cardboard project, thats my little mock up of my big purse, and those are drawings of the purse. Hopefully I can finish the big one on Thursday…

Fridays Favorites

this is the worlds coolest apartment! i want to live here! one day when i have a rich husband he will buy this penthouse in the smith tower downtown seattle. I htink its amazing and unique and i am in loooooove!!!

Su Blackwell

These are some pieces by Su Blackwell. I thought it tied in with our cardboard project. I love these, I am a big fan of all things whimsical and I think these are so splendid.

so good

Me and my bestie went to see She and Him last night

it was beautiful and spectacular and amazing and wonderous and the best night EVER! My love for all things Zooey has grown and didnt think it could! I have lots of pictures…. But lost my camera cord. Anyway! So amazeballs!